Wednesday, November 16, 2016

After All These Years

Shit. I came back here and noticed that many of you still keep me in your 'list', as in the list that shows my blog post whenever I update my ramblings. And then there is a handful of blogs on my list that failed to keep up with the blogging trend, died and resurrected as cesspools of ads and one of them even turned into a uh... um... recipe blog?

Never mind that. I'm talking to all of you who still believe that I will one day update this Internet journal. What were you thinking? I'm gone. I've moved on with my life. Now I'm an adult with responsibilities - if I could call them that. I'm now a tuition teacher, working from Thursday to Sunday, who occasionally gets paid writing factoids for (an American humour website) just to pay off my newly bought apartment. At the same time, I'm also doing Masters in Universiti Putra Malaysia. I'm doing Masters of Arts in English. I'm writing a thesis on Malaysian stand-up comedy. I doubt I'll ever graduate. Oh, and I've got a girlfriend who is three years older than me. I'm planning to marry that girl some time next year because I think my feeling for her is real. 

At 4 in the morning I felt the need to come back here and re-read some of my past writings and boy, do I suck. But I do feel like coming back here. I don't know why. Maybe it's the pressure I've been facing in these three years of absence. Maybe I want to come back because I miss the years where I have the time to sit around and let my mind wander. But then some of you may not even know me anymore. You only keep me in your list because you couldn't be arsed to change your templates. But if I do return, I will have to change my writing style. I'll probably have to take up another topic to write about. I don't want to write about my personal life. As you know, adult life is mundane. I do the same thing and eat the same thing every day.

Let me think about what to write about the next time I come back, if I come back. I'm thinking of starting a recipe blog.

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